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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


My Comments:

The purposes behind this web site are manifold:

A place for family members - of a very extended family - to cuss and discuss our family.
To display a collection of letters from my g-g-grandfather, William Wallace van Amber while he was in the American Civil War.
For me to play with (and be frustrated by) Web site development

It appears that I have lost some of the images when I had a hard drive crash. Even with recovery from my back-up to CD many of the images are still missing. After I finish getting the rest of the letters back into shape on the web, I'll have a 'scanning party' to rescan all the missing images.

This is a 'time-available' project. There may be many additions and changes in a few days time, then again it may be many days or weeks between my visits here.

Clicking on the picture of the letter or diary entry will bring up a full screen copy that's almost readable.