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Diary Entries August 11th, 1863

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Tues. Aug. 11, 1863

Got to Whitehall this morning about 5. Took the cars for New York, got here about 4. Took a boat for Rikers Island. Got here a little before night.

Wed. Aug. 12, 1863

This morning we was ordered out for to police the grounds. I worked till noon and when they called out again I wasn't there.

Thur. Aug. 13, 1863

Here to roll call this morning but when caled for polise was not there there was the body of a ded man floted up to shore and was picked up and buried.

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Fri. Aug. 14, 1863

The man that was picked up yesterday was a rebel prisoner from Fort Schiler bene to roll call every time but not on fatuege it is very hot here today.

Sat. Aug. 15, 1863

no fatege today today we was ordered to pack up for to leave got ready and the roll was called we the fourteen of us was sent back to our tents about 2200 went on the transport for washington or alexandria

Sun. Aug. 16, 1863

have riten to ett this morning had a good sermon preached this fore noon, tonight it rains thunders and lightens and the wind blew rufley the ground is coverd all over with water