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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Letter dated August 9th, 1863

Letter Dated 08/09/63

Aug. 9th, 1863
Camp Wheeler, Malone

Dear wife

here I am in camp agin doing duty I am well and have bin so far last night we was armed and equiped had 20 rounds of amunition delt out to us and some of us will be detailed to go and hunt these straglers and bring them in to camp if they wont come peasably we are to shoot them down that sounds rather hard don't it I don't know I shall be sent up to Russel if I am I shal try to come and see you I expect that you will go up to mothers to day or to morow if you get this while you are there tel mother that I am feeling well and I expect to be home in about two or 3 months I shall be here as mutch

Letter Dated 08/09/63

mutch as a month yet or more untill these drafted men are all brought in eny way you must rite to me here at malone I may be here when it comes but I will get it tell tom to be sure and rite me while I am here how is my little girl get along kiss her for me now you must rite to me as soon as you get this and tel the rest to do so to for it is very lonesome here as well as there no more this time so good by

from your ever faithful husband

W W VanAmber