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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries May 26, 1864

Diary entry Dated 05/26/64

Thu. May 26, 1864

This is a fine place, we live first rate here. It began to rain in the night and has rained ever since. It is now noon. I feel pretty well. It cleared off in the afternoon. Went down to the dining rooms for my meals today.

Fri. May 27, 1864

Took a dose of salts yesterday and I feel first rate today their meals are rather small for a hungry man. We et just so much and no more. I bought 4 apples for 10 cts.

Sat. May 28, 1864

Everything as usual. I asked the doctors for a furlough, he said that I should have one, my wounds are doing well and I feel very well but I am very poor.

Sun. May 29, 1864

It is very fine weather today. It is Sunday. We get better rations than we did at first. That is we get more of it.

Mon. May 30, 1964

It is very warm today. I am feeling very well today

Tues. May 31, 1864

Still grows warm. It is very warm today. I was recommended for a furlough tonight. Wrote a letter to Ett today.