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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated October 7th, 1864

Letter Dated 10/07/64

Harewood Hospital
Oct. 7th 1864

Dearest wife and best beloved on earth

Once more I sit down to write a few lines in answer to yours that I received last night. I was very sorry to hear that you had a bad cold. I am not very well myself for two or three days past but I feel better today. I went down town Monday to get my pay but my certificate was not made out right so I did not get it. I shall try it again next week. I am getting along first-rate dressing but it is a rather disagreeable job but they all like me first rate and the doctor don't want me to stop. He orders a half pint of wine every day that keeps me up some.

Letter Dated 10/07/64

If it weren't for that I should have to give it up. I don't think we New York boys will be able to come home to vote. They have fixed it so we can vote here but if I can't come home to vote I shan't vote at all. We sent a petition to Secretary Stanton yesterday to let us go home. Don't know how it will come out yet. I don't know what they are going to do with me yet. They have not had me up to head quarters now for four weeks. I shall have to pitch in to them again before long. Did you get the letter I wrote you about the fire we had here and the book I sent you the next day. You did not say anything about it. Yes the ring I sent a while ago was

Letter Dated 10/07/64

made of peach stone. How does it fit you? I am afraid I can't get a discharge now. My side has got so that it don't pain me any now but my back is very weak and I am very nervous as you can see by my writing. My hand trembles so that I can't hardly write. There I don't think of any more to write this time so I must bid you good by

yours only and faithfully for life