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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated April 17th, 1864

Letter Dated 04/17/64

April 17 1864
Camp near Culpeper, Virginia

Dearest and best friend man ever had

I now sit down to write a few lines to let you know that I am still well and hope that these few lines will find you in as good. I wrote you a letter a few days ago but it won't reach you much before this. The reason is that we have had very heavy rains and the bridges was destroyed so that we did not get any mail for 2 or 3 days. I will send you the capts likeness in this. He was as drunk as could be when it was taken. He was a first lieut when it was taken.

I got a letter from Tom the other day. They was all well. Tom had got his pension of 80 dollars. He wrote that you was coming out there if it was not pleasant to home. If I was you I would go out there and stay this summer. I know mother would be glad to have you come and I think you will be more contented there. Never mind what it costs, if you * * * while I am gone I want you to do it for that is what I send it to you for is for you to use. Dont pinch yourself or Lina anything you want for you comfort if you have enough money to get it. It was not because I cared about the money that I wrote to know how much you had I just wanted to know how much I had sent to you. No, dearest all I ask is to have my health spared and be permitted to come home again and find my loved ones both well. Farther than that I care not. I ask not for wealth. To have the happiness of holding you once more to my breast is all that I ask. I "I be willing to live on but a crust with you to share it. But enough of this, we will write and live on in hope for the best. This has been a very lonesome day for me and for you two I presume. I went out of camp this afternoon and I found some violets, they made me think of home and of the times we have been together in the fields. My friend and brother mason was with me. Oft we wished we was to home with our wives. His name is Erastus White. There I can't write any more this time but hoping you will write soon I will say goodbye my dear,

From yours, ever faithful and true till death
To Ett