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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries January 25, 1864

Diary entry Dated 01/25/64

Mon. Jan. 25, 1864

Fine weather yet, have been washing today earned 85 cts.

Tues. Jan. 26, 1864

Got a letter from Vina last night. All quiet here yet. The weather fine and warm yet.

Wed. Jan. 27, 1864

Very warm yet. All quiet here.

Diary entry Dated 01/28/64

Thu. Jan. 28, 1864

Still warm yet. I wrote a letter to Vina today. The weather fine and warm yet.

Fri. Jan. 29, 1864

The sutler had a new stock of goods and every officer in the regt was drunk last night. About one o'clock we was ordered to pack up. We started out about 3 and marched to Culpeper.

Sat. Jan. 30, 1864

The weather has changed, it is colder and rains. We moved out of the village a little, about a mile into a very poor place wood is scarce.

Diary entry Dated 01/31/64

Sun. Jan. 31, 1864

It rains a little this morning. The leut, Sprague and myself have been about 1/2 mile and cut stuff enough for a house.

Sat. Feb. 6, 1864

This morning our corps was all started out on a march. We went over the Rapidan, found the rebs in force. The second corps (some of them) crossed the river last. About 200 men took some prisoners. This morning we fell back about 2 miles and met the second corps. Laid here till sundown then marched back to our camp again, about 8 miles.

Wed. Feb. 10, 1864

The weather warm and pleasant here yet. We had some rain Saturday night when we was to the front but it was not cold. I have not had time to write any letters.

Thu. Feb. 11, 1864

I washed today. My washing came to 150. Pretty cold wind today