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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated December 13th, 1863

Letter Dated 12/13/63

Dec. 13, 1863
Camp near Kelleys Ford, Virginia

Dear Ett,

I now sit down to write you a few lines to you. I am well as ever, fat and hearty. Most too hearty for the rations we get. So I will write to you for to send me some. We have gone onto winter quarters here and shall have plenty to eat, but I want some things that I cant get here. I want a pair of boots and a small pail or kettle made of heavy tin. That I want you to fill with butter. I will write to Mr. Smith and have him get the boots and pail made for me, and you may pay him for them if you have money enough, if not I will send you some next month. I want about 10 lbs maple sugar and have (him) make it in to small cakes or part of it and I can sell it. Put in 2 or three dozen eggs boiled and such other things as you like. Send me 2 or 3 pairs of socks (my big gray ones) and a pair for one of my tent mates. Some more pins and a skein of black thread. I would like a small towel. These things you can send me cheaper than I can buy them here and the boots are a great deal cheaper than the government shoes are and a great deal better for the mud is knee deep here today. It rained yesterday and all night last night. Now get up this box of things just as soon as you can for we may not lay here but for a little while. Send no cooked vittles without it is a chicken well stuffed or something of that kind. I have written Smith for some things. You will see him and get him to help you. About the box; send it by Adams Express direct to me as you would a letter, in care of Captain Whitney, Co. "E", 83rd Regt, Washington, DC and it will come right to the regt. No more this time, but write soon

yours for ever

P. S. I will put the letter to Smith in this and you can put it in an envelope and send it down to him now. If you send these things, send them as soon as possible.

WWV with love