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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Personas ... or who's who

To try to help you understand who is talking about whom in these letters, here's a list of the active people. Most are related directly to me, others are members of the units with which WWvA served and who I've been able to identify.

William Wallace van Amber (1834 - 1896) WWvA, is the author of most of the letters and diaries here. He is my g-g-grandfather.

Maryette Newman van Amber (1840 - 1895) Ette, his wfe.

Lina Lodusky van Amaber (1859 - 1828) Lina, their daughter.

George Newman (1827 - ) Ette's brother.

Minerva Newman (1827 - 1936) Nerva, Ette's sister.

Unrelated people ...

Reed B. Bonticou Surgeon from Troy, New York, who was in charge of Harewood Hospital while WWV was recuperating there.

Act. Ass't Surgeon L. Dorsey

David Gotham

Henry Knox Friend / tent mate of WWvA

Ratio Maltby

Horis Pickett (Horace Picket) First Seargent of the 106th Infantry Regiment (St Lawrence County Regiment)

Rastus White

Capt Lawrence Whitney Commanding Officer of Co "E", 83rd Regiment, New York Infantry

Military Units

97th Infantry Regiment

106th Infantry Regiment (St Lawrence County Regiment)

Somethings wrong there, George and Nerva are born 15 days apart ... I don't think so!