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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated July 29, 1864

Letter Dated 07/29/64

Harewood Hospital July 29 1864
Dear wife

I now sit down to write a few lines to you. I got here Wednesday about noon all right without any trouble but could not get my ration money until I reported to the hospital. They did not say a word to me for staying, nor no one said anything to me only to Baltimore but all they wanted was to see my government transportation that was all that I was asked for I feel very well today but was very tired when I got here. I did not eat all my cake till I got here and have not eaten half rations today. I feel very well today. My side is some lame and my hand trembles so that I can hardly write.

When I was in to breakfast this morning I saw a fellow that looked like Steve Miles so I called his name and shore enough it was him. He is in ward 14 where I was before I came home. I went down there and stayed with him all the forenoon. He has been sick with the typhoid fever but is better now. I am now in ward 25 in the tents. It is a good deal cooler than the building. There I can't write any more this time but will write again soon.

Now write soon and direct to Harewood General Hospital, Washington DC, Ward 25. Now write soon and write to Toms folks and to Charles and tell them why we did not come out to see them. I shall probably stay here or near here for some time. If things do not right there write to Tom to come and get you and let me know as soon as you do it.

no more this time.
Yours forever