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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries December 7, 1863

Diary entry Dated 12/07/63

Mon. Dec. 7,1863

I wrote a letter to Ett yesterday. The weather is very dry and fine but it is very cold. It freezes hard nights. We had a drill this morning at 8 o.c. No more to do till dress parade. I took off my shirts and found some lice for the first time.

Tues. Dec. 8, 1863

Charley and I went down and got some water last night and washed and boiled our clothes after dark. This is a very pleasant day but it was very cold last night.

Wed. Dec. 9, 1863

On guard today. Wrote 3 letters today; one to Charley Gotham, one to HK and one to my mother. The other boys began to build a tent today-

Thu. Dec. 10, 1863

Have worked on the tent all the time we could get today. Got off guard today at 12. It is very cold.

Fri. Dec. 11, 1863

It rained a little this morning, frozen rain. Will drill and such duty that we could, but we can't do much. Worked hard on our tent.

Sat. Dec. 12, 1863

Detailed to help get timber to build a house for the officers. Have got our tent done, all but the chimney. It has rained most all day or we (would) have had got our tent done.

Sun. Dec. 13, 1863

It rained all night. It is very muddy and warm have worked almost a day on my chimney.