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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries September 19th, 1863

Diary entry Dated 09/19/63

Sat. Sept. 19, 1863

This morning I was detailed to go on fatigue. I reported to the sergeant and was sent with 40 other men up to the top of the Allegheny Mountains to help build a new signal station. I got a letter from Ett and mailed one for her. I did not have time to read hers before I mailed it.

Sun. Sept. 20, 1863

It is very cold here this morning. Went out on inspection. Was ordered to pack up about 2 o.c. this afternoon and in ten minutes we was on the move. Did not know where to till we was marched about a mile to a new camp ground. My tent mate C. Miller was on guard and I took his tent and some other things with me. After 5 o.c. I had to put up my own tent and got my supper. Then I went back and got the knapsack of Erastus White and helped him over too; he is sick. He is brother of Rafe White of Russell

Mon. Sept. 21, 1863

Today I have dug ditches around out tent and cut brush and fixed up the tent

Diary entry Dated 09/22/63

Tues. Sept. 22, 1863

We got orders last night to have 8 days rations and be ready to march at a moments notice. Henry Knox is to be sent to Washington tomorrow; so C. Miller tells me. He went over to the hospital when I was on drill.

Wed. Sept. 23, 1863

I have been over to a house about 1 miles from camp and got some good water. It is rather scarce here. Had corps drill this afternoon. It was fun. Wrote a letter to my mother today.

Thu. Sept. 24, 1863

Packed up about 10 o.c. today. Marched over to headquarters till all the rest of the corps had passed. Our regt is detailed for rear guard to wagon train. I was detailed for picket guard tonight. There was 12 men detailed from each company.

Diary entry Dated 09/25/63

Fri. Sept. 25, 1863

I loaded my gun last night for the first time here we are yet where we camped last night near headquarters. The train has not moved yet. 9 o.c. They don't move today. We had to pack up and move about 20 or 30 rods to a new ground.

Sat. Sept. 26, 1863

It was very cold last night. A north wind cold as November. Laying in camp today. Still here guarding the train. It gives us plenty to do. Have to stand guard half the time. 72 hours on and 24 off.

Sun. Sept. 27, 1863

Had inspection this morning. On guard today. Have dry weather but cold nights. There was a man shot a ball through his right wrist while on guard the other night and one (another man) through his leg a day or two before.

Diary entry Dated 09/28/63

Mon. Sept. 28, 1863

Went over to the hospital today. Carried a letter to HK, he is not very well. There is 300 new conscripts come to this regiment today. I found a new woolen shirt and washed it. It is a good one.

Tues. Sept. 29, 1863

On guard again today. It is dry and warm yet. Nothing of interest to write today. We moved our tents this morning in to streets.

Wed. Sept. 30, 1863

Over to the hospital again with two letters for HK Our officers and most of the regiment was drunk last night,

Diary entry Dated 10/01/63

Thu. Oct. 1, 1863

Received a letter from Ett today. On guard again. When I got it I wrote on one leaf of my book and sent her all my diary from the 4 of August.