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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated February 25th, 1864

Letter Dated 02/25/64

Feb.25, 1864
In camp near Culpeper, Virginia

Dearest one,

I received your letter last night and was glad to hear that you was well. I am happy to say that I am as well as ever and still cooking. We have (had) 3 reviews of our regiment, that is they have been out to 3 in the last week, The weather has been very fine for the last 2 weeks. It has been as warm here the last week as it is there in April. We have not had over one inch of snow yet, but there has been some cold nights, but I have not been out in any of them since the first of January. The Capt. and the left like me first rate. When they got their pay they paid me for washing and the Capt. said he wanted me to stay and do their work for them and they would give me enough to make it for my interest to stay. The left told sergeant Sprague the other morning that he was going to make me a nice present the next pay day that comes. The 10th of next month I shall have 26 dollars coming to me then I will send you 25 dollars in this and I will have 10 left. I keep some money by me all the time. You say you need some things, what ever you or Lina need get if it takes all the money I send you. I got a small box from John Ryes the other day with 25 lbs of buckwheat flower in it and some things that Vina sent. There was square tin cake of sugar, some sweet cake, dried apples and berries, pop com, some gum and a little dried venison. We have plenty of dried apples. We live first rate. Sprague got a box last week with 6 mince pies, 2 sweet cakes, and a lot of fried cakes. There Ett, I can't write any more tonight, it is 11 o'clock. There is no use of my saying anything about wanting to see you or Lina, but how much I want you can guess, but so long as you are well try and be contented. No more this time

Yours only and truly

(in margin) please send me some postage stamps in your next letter and oblige a friend