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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries September 4th, 1863

Diary entry Dated 09/04/63

Sat. Sept. 5, 1863

Have been down to the river and washed my shirt, socks, towel and handkerchief. There is some skirmishing between us and Lees men every night. About a mile between us.

Sun. Sept. 6, 1863

Had inspection of everything. Went over to the division hospital to see Rastus White, He was taken there Wednesday it seems like. Sunday here, it is very still except playing cards, there is a good deal of that going on. I have not had a card in my hand yet.

Diary entry Dated 09/07/63

Mon. Sept. 7, 1863

It is all quiet here with nothing going on but I drill a while

Tues. Sept. 8, 1863

Nothing new. The same as yesterday,

Wed. Sept. 9, 1863

No drill today. General policing of camp today. Expect a general inspection of camp and clothing tomorrow or next day.

Diary entry Dated 09/10/63

Thu. Sept. 10, 1863

Went over to the 106 regt today. Saw lots of boys that I was acquainted with. Saw Horis Pickett had a good visit with him.

Fri. Sept. 11, 1963

We have not had any rain since I came here. It is very pleasant and warm yet. My health is good.

Sat. Sept. 12, 1863

Drill this morning as ever and battalion drill this afternoon. It rained this afternoon a little.

Diary entry Dated 09/13/63

Sun. Sept. 13, 1863

We had an awful thunderstorm this morning before daylight. It is now midday. We got orders to be ready to march at a minutes notice last night.

Mon. Sept. 14, 1863

Detailed for camp guard today; to go at 10 o. c. Two boys over from the 106th Ratio Maltby and Burny Vanorman.

Tues. Sept. 15, 1863

Came off guard at 10 o.c. this morning. We received pay today. 20 dollars & 80 cts. Got three days rations and 60 cartridges with orders to be ready to march this afternoon.

Diary entry Dated 09/16/63

Wed. Sept. 16, 1863

Started this morning from camp at 6 o.c. crossed the Rappahannock and marched towards Culpeper. We are camped for the night near Culpeper.

Thu. Sept. 17, 1863

Here in camp near Culpeper doing nothing. No drill today. There is a whole corps of infantry laying here. A good many of the regiments received conscripts yesterday. It rained some today. I sent a letter to I. M. J. today with 10 dollars.

Fri. Sept. 18, 1863

It rains like fun this morning, it rained till about noon. Henry Knox has gone to the hospital tonight. I took his knapsack for him. I have written a letter to my dear Ett today.