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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated June 4th, 1864

Letter Dated 06/04/64

June 4, 1864
Harewood Hospital Washington

Dearest and best of friends

I received a letter from you yesterday and was glad to hear from you. I feel pretty well now only the rheumatism in my back. That bothers me a good deal but that is nothing for when I get home I can cure that up. I have been examined for a furlough but may not get it in 2 or 3 weeks so you need not look for me till I write that I am coming. I caret think of much to write but I shall be glad when I get there so that I can talk with you and tell you A the particulars and then I can get anything I want to eat. No more.

Yours as ever true
W. W. vanamber

(on reverse)

You see paper is scarce for I send only half a sheet to time. I found a man here in the invalid corps that is from Russell by the name of Conover. I used to be well acquainted with him. I got him to wash my pants, shirt & socks for me yesterday. He wants me to see his wife when I go to Russell. There I cant write any more this time so I will say good by my dear wife write soon.

Yours ever