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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated September 18th, 1864

Letter Dated 09/18/64

Harewood Hospital Washington
Sept. 18th 1864 Ward 8

Dear wife Ett

Once more I sit down to write a few lines to you after waiting so long I have been waiting to see if we would not get pay we signed the rolls but have not got paid yet. Today is Sunday. I got a letter from you and Tom last Friday. Tom said that Ike had gone to camp and had taken Lib with him. Tom thinks Lib will make a good soldier if she only has some one to help her that is good for anything. He says they are all well there. I am pretty well now, only my back is lame. I think that it would be better if I was only to home. I am detailed now for a dresser in ward eight. I have about 12 wounds to dress in the morning and four or five at night. That is all I have to do but I think I shall stop it unless my back gets better before long. You wanted to know what I meant by the veteran reserve corps. Well I don't wonder that you don't know but that is the proper name for the Invalid Corps but here we call it the condemned Yankees or the diarrhea corps. I don't see any prospects of getting my discharge yet but there is no danger of my being sent to the front. I may get transferred to New York. They are talking of sending all the New York men home to vote. If they do I shall have a chance to come home for 10 or 15 days the last of next month.

There I can't think of any more to write this time. You must give my best respects to all the friends there. I hope if mother sends those things to Ireys folks she won't be too sorry for it. How I do wish I could come home this fall and take you away from there where we could be happy together wouldn't we be happy there. No more this time.

yours as ever faithfully

I will send you a ring that I made the other day. I have one like it with a diamond in the top of it. The diamond is real. See if you can guess what the ring is made of.