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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Letter from Ett dated June 9th, 1864

Letter Dated 06/09/64

Thursday, June 9, 1864
Plessis, NY

Dearest Wallace,

I just received you letter and I will answer it tonight so it will go out in the morning.

We are all well here. I have been looking for you this week. You say you may not come in 2 or 3 weeks yet. That will be a long time to wait before I see you, you must get as long a furlough as possible and come as soon as you can. How I do want to see you? I can't hardly wait. We have very pleasant

Letter Dated 06/09/64

weather here now.

We got a letter from the girls a few days ago. Dus has lost her little girl. She died the 15th of May. How Dues will miss her.

Emma Dejang is dead. She was buried today. Louisa Dillen is sick, I think she has got the consumption. I must stop writing and get Lina to bed, she is going to sleep on the lounge now. We have very cooler nights. The mosquitoes is awful thick here and big enough to carry any body off. I have got a sore eye. A sty is on my eye and a pig sty I don't mean.

Letter Dated 06/09/64

Betsy Miller has got home from Washington. How poor she looks. I went over to see her this week and had a good visit. I have not been so well since you went away as I be now. I feet real well. It is getting dark so I can't see to write any more now. Well, I have got a light and I write a little more. I have got your shirts done up for you. I hope they won't have to wait long before you come.

Ike and Lib has moved to Carthage. Charles folks has got sick of her. I got a letter from Vina last week they are all well there. She sends her love to you.

Letter Dated 06/09/64

I got a letter from Mrs. John Ryel. Her health is very poor this spring. She said the folks was all well around there. How I want to go out to Russell, it seems like home out there. Vina says David is wounded and is in Washington. He is wounded in his shoulder. Well, I can't write any more this time. You must come as soon as you can and stay as long as you can. You must write as often as you can for the time will seem so long before I see you,

Yours forever, good by Wallace

Tom Thring will be papa one these fine days. Hain't he done well?

Yours for ever