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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter from Dus, April 13th, 1864

Letter Dated 04/13/64

Tower Hill
April 13th 1864

Dear Brother Wallace

It is some time since we received your letter. Nirva commenced a letter to you a while ago. I have neglected to write my part of the letter & in fact I have hardly had time for we are very busy just now. They have just commenced sowing their wheat around here. The spring is rather backwards, it is cold and rainy. I suppose if the government can't hold the drafted men only nine months you will soon be going home if you have not gone already. I hope you can go home soon anyway. I have not had any letters from Ett lately. Brad says he has to work harder than he did when he was down south but he says he thinks he shan't go back again this week. Poor fellow, I should think he had got enough of the south twas there he lost his health & came near losing his life. It is getting late & the rest of the family are all in bed & so I shall have to bid you good night & finish this tomorrow. Pleasant dreams to you -

Well, Wallace, it is Thursday afternoon & tomorrow is mail day & this letter must be carried to the office but that is not a great ways - it is in sight. There is three teams right here by the house dragging in wheat.

We don't know but what our little Mary has the measles, she is real speckled but she frolics around as usual. I don't know that I have got any new that would be interesting to you so I shall have to stop writing; hoping these few lines will find you well. I will close by subscribing myself

Your friend and sister Dus