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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Letter from Minerva, April 3rd 1864

Letter Dated 04/03/64

Tower Hill April 3rd 1864

Brother Wallace

We received your letter in due time and was very glad to bear from you and hear that you are well and fare so well we are well as usual I believe. Dues and Brad have just gone out to make a bed and sew some cabbage seed. It is a kind of disagreeable day the wind blows from the northeast; guess we will have some kind of storm. We are living with the old bachelor now. We moved last week. We had a letter from Charles a short time ago, they were well, the children had the cankerrah. Charles said Lucinda Millard is dead she leaves quite a number of children to mourn the loss of a mother. Jason must be lonesome alone there with his children I suppose they have a girl large enough to do considerable work. People are getting ready to put their grain into the ground soon. Some have sowed some wheat but it very early yet to sow grain. I must stop writing and get supper. How I wish you and Ett and Lina was here to eat supper with us tonight and this dreaded war was over with so the poor soldiers could come home to their families once more but I am afraid the war will last a good while yet. I don't see any prospect of its ending very soon.

Well, Wallace we have eat our supper and have got our work done so I will try to finish this letter tonight. It is raining quite hard now. The children have all gone to bed now but Mary; Brad is reading a newspaper, Dus is reading a history of this war.

You may imagine what I am doing. I can't think of anything more to write for there is no one here that you know to write anything about so I guess that I must stop. Hoping that you will take good care of yourself and come home as soon as you can,

I remain your friend and sister, so good by for this time

Minerva Arnold