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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Letter dated October 21st, 1863

Letter Dated 10/21/63

Oct. 21, 1863
Near Thoroughfare Gap, Virginia

Dear Ett,

I got your letter last night and was glad to hear that you was well, but was sorry to hear that George was sick and that you had to work so hard. My health is good yet, thanks to a kind providence. We are on a march and have been for almost 2 weeks. I stand it first rate. Our army are following the rebs up now. They drove us to Centraville to the fortifications then they would not fight us; then they began to fall back. They started for Maryland but we was too much for them. I can't get time to write but little now when we are on the march but sometimes we stop for an hour or 2 in the daytime but we don't know

Letter Dated 10/21/63

how long we can stop and it is all that I can do to get time to wash myself once in a day and cook my vittles. Sometimes I can't do that. You must write to mother for me for I can't write to her and you spoke about my writing long letters.

When I get in camp again I will write often and long but if you hear from me once in a while till I get through this march you must keep up good heart till this thing is over. Have you heard anything from the money that I sent to Palmer. I have not heard a word from him since. Give my love to all the Smiths and all the folks. Tell them to write to me and as soon as I can I will write to them. I cant write any more this time as I can't mail it so no more

Yours as ever dear one