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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries May 23, 1864

Diary entry Dated 05/23/64

Mon. May 23,1864

Warm yet. No appetite this morning I got 2 round crackers for breakfast with coffee. Had beef soup for dinner. The first thing we heard this morning was the cars. All that was able to walk 2 miles went today.

Tues. May 24, 1864

Last night there was a great stir here. There was a transport come up the river and they said that we was going away but we did not go till about 4 o'clock. Some of us was taken to the cars and laid there through one of the darkest thunderstorms I ever saw. About 9 o.c. we started from Falmouth for Aqua Creek. Got on board of a little steamer about 11 o.c. Got into Washington a little after sunrise. Here I am now in the Harewood Hospital.