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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Letter January 14th, 1864

Letter Dated 01/14/64

Jan. 14, 1864
Seder Mountain, Virginia

Dearest wife Ett,

I now sit down to answer your letter of the sixth. I received it day before yesterday and have not had time to answer it before now. We came here the second of this month and we have good shanties built again. Don't know how long we may stay here. I have not got the box yet, I will write as soon as I do. We have not got our pay yet, expect it every day. I shall get about 40 dollars, I expect, with the 25 dollar bounty. I am cooking for the captain and the first leftenant. I live with them just the same as they do, we live first rate. Have fresh bread, potatoes, flour, butter (when they can get (it) off the saler), condensed milk and all such things. They have to buy their own living of the commissary. We live first rate. I don't have to do any duty in the company at all the captain detailed me. He likes me first rate. They are very anxious for my box to come. My health is very good yet. It keeps me pretty busy to do the cooking and go to the commissaries and get the wood but it is better than standing guard and picket. There it is most suppertime. I can't write much this time, but when we get our pay or the box I will write again. I got a letter from Charlies' folks yesterday, everybody there thinks we will be home in July. I hope so, no more this time, good by

Yours forever