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Letter Dated November 16th, 1863

Letter Dated 11/16/63

Nov. 16, 1863
In Camp near Bealeton Station, Virginia

Dear Wife,

I now sit down to write a few lines to you again. I am well as ever, only a bad cold. I got a letter from Bartlett this afternoon.
They was all well. A week ago we started on the match again; went about 8 miles. Laid there one day, then went within about 3 miles of the Rappahannock River at Kelleys Ford. Crossed the river Sunday morning and marched to Brandy Station. The 3rd and 6th corps was fighting the rebels all the way. Saturday they drove them across the river at Rappahannock Station the 6th corps took 1000 prisoners. The 3rd corps (that is the one that Dave Gotham is in and a good many of the boys from Russell they drove

Letter Dated 11/16/63

the rebs at Kelleys Ford where we crossed the next morning. They took 300 prisoners. They drove them past Brandy Station, then the Cavalry took them and drove them to near the Rapidan River. We marched up to Brandy Station Sunday and laid there till Monday night at 5 o.c. then we was started off on the double quick and marched back about 2 miles from Bealeton Station 6 miles this side of the Rappahannock, our corps is the reserve. That is the reason we had no fighting to do. There is a detail of 14 men taken from our company to work on the railroad. I was one of them. We had a good time of it and got back to camp today. We expected our pay today, we shall probably get it tomorrow, then I will send you ten dollars in this letter. I write it today for fear we may move before I can write.

Letter Dated 11/16/63

Will you send me some (of) the things I wrote for in the last letter; all but the gloves and get mother to knit them and pay her for them and when they are done do them up in newspaper with a sheet of writing paper for the outside and direct them as you would a letter. It won't cost but 6 cts. There was a pair sent the other day. Some time send me some pills. When you can with the gloves. I saw Dave Gotham the Monday we was at Brandy Station. They (had) quite a fight the Sunday we got there, Dave was only a little ways from us. The first (that is ours), the 3rd (that is the one Dave is in) and the 6th; three corps all laid there all day. Monday at night we came back here and they went on. We marched 11 miles

Letter Dated 11/16/63

in 5 hours. The fastest march for the distance that this regiment ever made. The officers was all drunk and it was very dark and very cold. It snowed some that day and that night on the road. I will write you again as soon as you answer this and send me some money. I can't write any more this time. Write as soon as you get this - no more

Yours as ever

to Ett