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William Wallace van Amber
Civil War Diaries & Letters


Diary Entries January 1st, 1864

Diary entry Dated 01/01/64

Fri. Jan. 1, 1864

Came off picket today about noon. The division moved out of a mud hole about 1 mile to a nice piece of ground and went to work and cut timbers for huts.

Sat. Jan. 2, 1864

It is very pleasant but very cold. It freezes hard. Are putting up huts, we have got the timber most all cut for our house. The order has come to be ready to move tomorrow morning.

Sun. Jan. 3, 1864

A VERY cold night. We moved about 2 or 3 miles yesterday. Camped in a piece of woods on Slaughter Mountain. Lay still here all day. Got a letter from Ett. My eyes are so sore that I can't stir.

Diary entry Dated 01/04/64

Mon. Jan. 4, 1864

It is some warmer today. It has snowed all day. The other regiments have all moved out and we were got out in line and streets laid out. The timber is falling in all directions for huts.

Tues. Jan. 5, 1864

We went to work and got timber almost enough for our house this morning. Gilett has gone to help the Captain.

Wed. Jan. 6, 1864

Put up our house today. The Captain asked me to go and cook for a mess of 4; to do no more company duty and draw extra pay.

Diary entry Dated 01/07/64

Thu. Jan. 7, 1864

Was detailed to cook for the captain and left. A mess of 4. Began to cook this morning,

Fri. Jan. 8, 1864

Done some washing for the mess today and others, came to $125

Diary entry Dated 01/10/64

Sun. Jan. 10, 1864

Fixing up around the shanty, so today it is fine weather here but very cold.

Mon. Jan. 11, 1864

Nothing of interest today. We tarry here on Cedar Mountain near Slaughter Mountain

Tues. Jan. 12, 1864

Here cooking the same thing every day. I was fined today for some peaches that was stolen when I was on guard the other night. I knew nothing about them. Plead not guilty.

Diary entry Dated 01/13/64

Wed. Jan. 13, 1864

Got a letter from Ett last night. Went down to the commissary today. Got 8 loaves of bread, 5 pounds beef, 5 pounds onions.

Thu. Jan. 14, 1864

Still here cooking, nothing of interest to write.

Fri. Jan. 15, 1864

The same thing, only I am on guard today for punishment.