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William Wallace van Amber
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Letter dated Aug 9, 1864

Letter Dated 08/09/64

Aug. 9th, 1864 Harewood Hospital

Dearest and best of friends

I have just received your kind letter and glad I was to hear from you. I was glad to hear that you was well. I have just been to the city and got my rations money 7,25 (seven dollars 25 cts). I will send you five dollars in this. I won't get any pay till next month, then I will send you more and now for the questions. My wound is all healed up, it don't have to be dressed more. No I don't bloat any more at all. My side don't pain me much now, just enough to lay off on. There was a lot examined yesterday. I was one of them. I don't know what it was for, but those that their names was marked was sent back to their wards and the others was sent to the convalescent ward, from there they are sent to camp distribution. We don't see much signs of peace. Our folks did not make much at Petersburg. How does George's thumb get along? How do they get along about the draft? It was to Redwood that I got kicked. It did not hurt me of any amount. It just missed my leg and hit the wheel. I did not fall. It was when I went to get off that he kicked. I went down to the mill and saw Smith & Bill & Kate. I found Lawton and had a good time with him. He is a tall good-looking fellow. I wrote a letter to Tom the other day. There I don't think of any more to write. You must try to get along with mother the best you can. When I get back (if that happy time ever comes, which we will hope for) I will try to make your life happier than it is now. Write soon no more this time.

From your ever loving husband W.W.vanAmber
I believe the questions are all answered